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Noren Custom Order

Welcome to our custom-noren website.
Our skilled artisans will dye (or print) your restaurant or company logo and name on a noren, and make up an original one (dimensions and colors) for Sushi Bar, Ramen shop, Asian cuisine restaurant and office.

(Please be advised that our service is to dye (or print) your own logo (whose copyright belongs to you) on a noren. We don't provide a service of printing an art or photo image that you choose from the Internet. Nor, we don't accept a resizing order of the existing noren design on our webshop.

Your logo and design for pinting must exist for the estimate, because the silkscreen initial setting cost depends largely on a design. If you don't have an idea of your noren, we have example at design samples and incorporate one of them into your noren.)

For an individual's home, we have an Ukiyo-e noren custom-making service. Please check the last section.

We have the following two dye methods and textile selections to make up your noren depending on your design complexity -
#1: Traditional screen-dyeing ("Hon-zome") on cotton (for a simple design like family crest / calligraphy)
#2: Dye-sublimination on polyester (for a detailed design created with Illustrator)

Please check each textile and dye method look in this picture (pdf).
DISCLAIMER: This picture is for your reference only. We cannot show 100% accurate looking, thickness, hardness and softness of the noren textile through pictures.

*Note 1: A noren will be either one-side printed or double-sided (a reverse image on the backside) depending on your design.
*Note 2: The logo, design and colors need to be presented from a customer.
*Note 3: A rod pocket for hanging the noren will be sewed on the top. We have two styles for a rod pocket - one is a an enclosed slot type and the other is a loop type . We will recommend you the type, but you can still select the type by your preference.
*Note 4: Please prepare a noren rod (curtain pole) on your side. A noren pole does NOT come with a noren. We wish you will find a suitable one at a home depot, etc in your country.
*Note 5: Gold foil printing is very difficult. It is very hard for noren artisans to print your logo in gold. Sorry for the inconvenience.
*Note 6: Sorry to say, we don't have pieces of fabric samples for your checking before ordering.
*Note 7: We don't use linen for custom-making noren because designs printable on a linen noren are quite limited. Moreover, a linen noren is very expensive.

Why noren for business in Japan? - Many shops and restaurants hang their own noren at entrances to welcome visitors and also to advertise their logos (See more). You can see the noren photos of establishments in Kyoto.

Order Steps

Please email "support(at)" for the estimate. Please attach your logo in JPEG or in PDF, the noren color, the noren dimensions, and number of noren sections.
We will check if we can scale up your design picture properly and print it beautifully on a noren. In case of need, we will ask if you have a higher resolution image of a specfic size or vector file so that we can make up your noren.
After our confirmation, we will get back to you with the estimate, noren fabric suggestion, the lead time, and a noren diagram (a proof). Please allow us a couple of days for the estimation.
After your approval, we will send you a PayPal invoice for a deposit prepayment.
We will start production run when we conform your fund transfer.
Once completed (usually in 2 weeks), we will ship out your noren via EMS (Express Mail Service).

Please agree with our proposal.

Order Condition

1) Customized noren requires prepayment.
2) Final logo and design on a noren need be to presented from a customer.
3) No cancellation or no design change after the order is finalized.
4) Prepayment will NOT be refunded after the production run has started.

Noren cost

The price of a custom noren depends on dimensions, dye method, fabric selection and the design complexity. We need to look at your design to estimate. A standard noren of 85cm W X 150 cm H with a simple design may cost you 30.000 JPY (US$290).

Payment Method

We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express and DISCOVER credit cards. Payment will be processed through PayPal securely.

Shipping and Other cost

We will ship your order via EMS (Express Mailing Service) by the Postal Service. EMS is reasonably priced, efficient and reliable. EMS has tracking information and delivery insurance. Please sign for an EMS package when you receive it. Estimated arrival times via EMS are 4-12 working days depending on your destination. If you wish, we will arrange a shipment via FedEx. FedEx is much faster, however the cost is fairly high. As an additional cost, you may need to pay Customs and VAT of your country, which will be collected by your contry's consignment.

Lead Time

Please allow 10 working days (usually 2 weeks) for a production.

How to send your design

Please email your design(s) either in JPEG or Illustrator data. We are able to receive file(s) up to 6 MB. Alternatively, please let us know your file transfer service.


Since we hand-make your design, color and dimensions, there may be some inaccuracy on the final result. The printed design and color are dictated by craftsmen/artisans' workmanship. However, we will strive to be accurate at our best. The final color on the custom-noren may not be exactly the same as the Pantone or DIC color swatches.

Sunshine Caution

We recommend you to use a noren indoor or to use it under an eave when hanging outside . We strongly recommend you not to expose a noren to direct sunshine. Otherwise, the design and color will fade quickly.

Ukiyo-e noren custom-making

If you are interested in custom-making an Ukiyo-e noren, we will print your choice of Ukiyo-e design from the list (please see the list in the order sheet below). We don't possess all the Ukiyo-e data, but if you find a good one from the list , we will print it on a noren of your dimensions. These Ukiyo-e data will scale up properly up to 180 cm wide and 210 cm long, and we can print it on a noren beautifully. Ukiyo-e noren is 100% polyester-made, one side print (the backside is plain pure white), and the noren artisan will recommend you the frame color either in gray or in bluish gray outisde the Ukiyo-e. We will send you a proof before your payment. Please check the price table (pdf) to know the price of your noren dimensions. We need approximately 10 working days to complete your Ukiyo-e noren. In addition to the shipping cost, please pay the duty and VAT charged by the customs of your country. Plus, the delivery consignment of your country (eg. Parcelforce, Chronopost, USPS) may charge the handling fee on you to clear the customs.

(Last Updated : 7/6/2017)


Ukiyo-e Noren Custom-Making (100% polyester only; no other fabric selection; one-side print only - plain pure white on backside)

Please fill in the order sheet. We look forward to serving you.
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Making Information

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*Upper limit: MAX Width =< 180 cm, MAX Height =< 210cm (1 inch = 2.54 cm, please convert inches to cm. Thank you!), please check the price of your size in the price table.
Number of Sections (Your request)*
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Color outside Ukiyo-e Frame*
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Ukiyo-e Design*

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  • 001
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  • 010
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  • 062
  • 068
  • 071
  • 072
  • 079
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Textile  Please confirm that Ukiyo-e noren is 100% polyester made.
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