Custom Print Furoshiki for Company Gift

We will print your company design on cotton furoshiki. Custom Furoshiki size is 70 cm X 70 cm.
Please be noted that furoshiki production cost depends on the number of colors in your design, because we need a silkscreen for each color. So, we recommend you not to use many colors.

Order Condition

  • Minimum order QTY: 100 for each pattern
  • No cancel after production run

Custom printed Furoshiki cost

The price of custom print furoshiki can be calculated by:

Silkscreen: 21,000JPY X (Number of Colors) + Fabric & Printing: 1,200JPY X QTY

If stored in a wooden box, the additional cost is 400JPY for each.

Shipping method and additional cost

We will ship your package via EMS (Express Mail Service) by the postal. If you need expedited shipping, we will ship via DHL or FedEx. As an additional cost, you may need to pay customs and VAT of your country, which will be collected by the courier.

Lead Time

Please allow 2 -3 weeks for the production.

Payment Method

PayPal, or credit cards (VISA/MasterCard/JCB/AMEX/DISCOVER) through PayPal. Payment currency is in Japanese Yen.

Cancel and return

Sorry to say, we cannot accept your cancel after the production run.

Order Steps

Customs and VAT shall be paid by the customer.
Please your design in PDF or JPEG.
We will respond with an estimate.
If the order looks good, please pay through a PayPal link which we will email separately.
When we ship, we will let you know the tracking information.

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